Heritage and Culture

Voice 4 Deptford is campaigning for:

A development which honours the unique culture and heritage of Deptford

a) enhance rather than obliterate the site’s unique history

b) past and present cultures of Deptford should be a primary design tool for     architects/developer 

c) interests, aspirations and heritage of the people of Deptford, especially its young people, to be formally referenced in the development’s build out. 

Read Richard Katona’s Concept Paper:

Heritage projects and their place on the Convoys Wharf development

Deptford’s heritage has frequently been ignored but the Convoy’s Wharf development raises the interesting opportunity of creating a ‘heritage vicinity’ that includes the sites of the Lenox and the Sayes Court Garden projects as assets of World historical importance linked and surrounded by a buffer zone along the lines recommended by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Performance Designer Jack Lowerson has created this podcast radio play inspired by the history and current events surrounding the Convoys Wharf Site. The play invites listeners to consider how communities can take a lead role in taking back their urban spaces for the benefit of the people who occupy them, questioning who owns the rights to land and who has the power to transform it for a community benefit. Can we perform a garden? And design a socially-inclusive, community led proposal for the future of Convoys Wharf that celebrates its rich history, whilst recognising the contemporary need for diversity, opportunity and environmental responsibility in our dense urban environments.