Why Object

Voice 4 Deptford has four objections to the development of Plot 08 in Phase 1 on Convoys Wharf:

  1. Appearance and finishes:
  • The building in Plot 08 will be brick clad yet lacks the character of maritime Deptford.
  • It has the ‘anywhere’ appearance of an international style.
  • More attention should be paid to ways to make it part of the Deptford style and to take into account the increased effects of climate change with more green planting.

In this objection V4D is challenging the type of building and its appearance on the plot.

2. Social Housing in Every Block and Phase:

  • There is to be NO social rented housing available anywhere on Convoys Wharf, on Plot 08 or anywhere else. The the Outline Planning Agreement states that at least 15% of the homes should be affordable. This is not a fixed percentage and the position of the affordable housing on the site has not been allocated.
  • According to the Section106 agreement, this should be decided through a process of consultation with LB Lewisham before the first application for detailed consent in each phase is made.
  • V4D is insisting that LB Lewisham and the developers use the Review Mechanism in the 5th Schedule of the Section 106 Agreement to review the percentage of affordable housing and type of housing in Phase 1 and on the plot and to include truly affordable and social rented housing in Plot 08.

3. Needs of children and young people:

  • There should be more consideration of the real needs of children and young people in the design of the flats and in access to formal and informal play spaces.
  • Plot 08 has a private podium garden with play space for under 5 year olds. Older children are expected to play ‘off site’. Children need places to play within sight of their home and safe access to school and their friends’ houses.
  • The lack of onsite play space places an extra burden on the surrounding parks. More thought must be given to children and young people and their voices heard.
  • V4D is asking that the developers adhere to the London Plan, to follow good practice described by play and child development professionals and respect children’s rights described in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in creating space for children and young people.

4. No Cultural Strategy

  • There has been no cultural contribution from local groups to the building and no Cultural Steering Group to inform the culture and heritage of the site:
    Plot 08 has not taken into account any input from local people about how the block reflects their locality, values and culture.
  • A Cultural Steering Group described in the Section106 Agreement is intended to canvas local views on these matters, but is not functioning. Young people should also be involved in the design process and creation of the outdoor space through a Youth Forum.
  • Voice 4 Deptford is challenging the developers and LB Lewisham to adhere to their Cultural Strategy Commitments described in Annexe 3 of the 4th Schedule in the Section 106 Agreement and ensure a properly functioning Cultural Steering Group and Youth Forum in order to have meaningful consultation on design, the public realm, for open spaces for adults, children and young people, between buildings and along the riverfront takes place, and on meanwhile use.

Voice 4 Deptford’s objections are laid out in the following documents.

  • Read our 2 page Executive Summary of objections to Plot 08 here.
  • Read our full 19 pages of Comments objecting in detail to Plot 08 here.
  • Read our 5 page Additional Comments objecting in detail to Plot 08 here.

We think it is vital that Deptford people raise their voice and object to the scheme!

To object to plans click on the button – where you can register an objection directly with Lewisham’s planning office.

Voice 4 Deptford has three objections to the development of Plot 22 in Phase 1 on Convoys Wharf.

1. No consultation on Plot 22, the Jetty:

  • There has been no notice or consultation on the second plot, Plot 22, prior to the developers submitting an application on Reserved Matters.
  • V4D is challenging the lack of consultation. Public participation and consultation lie at the heart of the statutory planning process. Requirements for consultation are established in a number of different planning contexts including the Localism Act 2011 and the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

2. A 2 / 3 storey building on the jetty in place of a river park:

  • Plot 22, has sprouted a two-storey building on the jetty when the OPA said there would be a river park. The design of the building bears no relationship to the existing buildings nor does it convey anything of the character of the heritage of the site. The building is intended to be a temporary marketing suite with private access. The proposal to convert it afterwards to become a restaurant replaces the public riverside park and pop up style food outlets. Where is our park, our swings, loos, benches and places to picnic? This is not what was agreed in the OPP. It constitutes a major change from the original outline permission.
  • In this objection V4D is using the difference between the original OPA and the RMA to challenge the plans. Planning law states that if the OPA plans are changed so drastically at this stage the developer must start again and reapply for OPP. V4D argues that this is what the developers should do.

3. Temporary Access:

  • A new “temporary” access road is proposed, knocking through the existing old and high wall directly opposite to Twinkle park and passing under the protected trees, placing them in danger of damage. This access route will bring additional traffic down the very narrow and traffic calmed Watergate Street.
  • V4D is challenging the need for this temporary route with the disruption it is likely to cause to local residents and objecting to the lack of consultation with them.
  • Voice 4 Deptford’s objections to Plot 22 are laid out in the following documents:
    • Read our full 3 pages of Comments objecting to Plot 22 here.
    • Read our full 7 pages of Additional Comments objecting to Plot 22 here.

We think it is vital that Deptford people raise their voice and object to the scheme!

To object to plans click on the button – where you can register an objection directly with Lewisham’s planning office.