Have you say on the Deptford Neighbourhood Plan

Deptford Neighbourhood Action (DNA) is asking us (if you haven’t already done so) to support their work by giving them our views on the current Neighbourhood Plan. To aid this they have had a video produced to spread the word about DNA – what their objectives are, why they are doing this work and what […]

Nearly 1,000 additional residential units proposed for Convoys Wharf

Forty Shillings led a consultation process for Plot 21 in December. They then spoke of an additional 400 to 600 residential units. There was strong pressure from Deptford Folk and V4D for this plot to become a green public park and play area. It is also where the Build the Lenox project is to be […]

In memory of Richard Katona

Richard Katona has sadly passed away. He was a lovely, sincere, scholarly, quietly spoken and thoughtful man with Deptford running through his veins. I first got to know him when I shipped up at Goldsmiths in 2012. He was an active member of the planning group for a community conference we held. He led one of […]

Plot 12 and Heritage Consultation

Voice 4 Deptford has responded to the consultation by Forty Shillings. They have asked for comments on Plots 12 and 21, Culture Strategy, Heritage and Meanwhile us. You can see their presentations here. Please send in your comments via the website. Voice 4 Deptford Comments on Plot 12 Convoys Wharf Development Layout and design It is over […]

Cultural Strategy and Plot 21 Consultation

Voice 4 Deptford has responded to the consultation by Forty Shillings. They have asked for comments on Plots 12 and 21, Culture Strategy, Heritage and Meanwhile us. You can see their presentations here. Please send in your comments via the website. Cultural Strategy and Plot 21 Cultural Strategy Deptford is a recognised centre of creativity […]

Closure on Crowd Justice Campaign

Lewisham’s legal department has written to inform us that the Planning Service did not consider that it was in the public interest to pursue Voice4Deptford for the remaining Court costs of £2,200 due to them from Voice4Deptford. The Council accepted the sum of £5,800 we had already paid in full and final settlement of its […]

Statement on Convoys Wharf and Plot 21 from Cllr. Paul Bell

I have been made aware of reports that Lewisham Council has been lobbying the Greater London Authority (GLA) for additional homes to be built on Plot 21, a protected wharf within the Convoys Wharf development. These reports are completely inaccurate and do not represent the Council’s position.  At no point have we lobbied the GLA […]

The Government Cannot Build its Way Out of England’s Housing Crisis

Julian Mercer analyses the misguided policy of successive governments of building too many new houses, but not creating any more homes ‘The weakness of the ‘build, build, build’ policy is that the number of empty homes keeps rising. But where are they? Last year, the MHCLG reported that there were 650,000 empty homes in England. Just […]

The Last Day of Our Crowd Justice Campaign

It’s the last day of our Crowd Justice Campaign. We’ve raised a massive  £15,850 thanks to our 116 backers who made 147 pledges. Thank you all for your support. If you intended to give, but didn’t get round to it, now is your last chance to do it. We are looking for just under £1,500. […]


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Our Crowd Justice campaign is drawing to a close

Our legal process is coming to a close, but our campaign to give the people of Deptford a voice in the development at Convoys Wharf continues. Although the result of our claim for a judicial review is disappointing, Voice4Deptford has learned a lot from the experience. Your generous support has been heartening. It has been […]

A New Phase is beginning

It’s almost the end of the month and we have raised another £459. Thank you everyone who has backed us and also those who have shared on social media.  LB Lewisham have been in touch to say that they will contact us about the situation of our Cost Order around the middle of November to […]

We have almost come to the end of this road…

We have now heard back from LB Lewisham that they want us to pay the full amount of their Costs awarded against us, an amount of £8,000. As you know, our application for a Judicial Review of Lewisham Council’s decision was declined. The judge could not see any legal basis for our claim to go […]