September 2022 News Extra

This news extra has a reminder to book your free ticket to the public meeting and a note from contributor to the meeting Morgan Lewis. He will give an overview of the present plan. Correction: The planning the public meeting is on Monday 19th September at 7pm on Zoom.

September News

In the news for 11th September: Correction: Join us for planning the public meeting on Monday 19th September at 7pm on Zoom. Contact Malcolm Cadman for joining instructions – email here.

When Trains Ran Down Grove Street 

Originally called the Thames Junction Railway, the Deptford Wharf Branch was a goods-only branch built to a railway-owned wharf on the Thames incorporating the old established Deadman’s Dock. This connected in to the lines to New Cross Gate and the South London Line and its route crossed the Grand Surrey Canal, first on a lifting […]

The importance of developing housing that meets the needs of communities

Shamez Alibhai is head of community housing and portfolio manager at Man GPM. In his opinion piece in the IPE RA Magazine from April 2021, he explains the importance of developing housing that meets the needs of communities. He writes “In recent decades, Britain’s housing system has failed to deliver the kind of communities that […]

V4D News August 2022

Read the latest news from Voice 4 Deptford. Free tickets now available for September meeting! “The community we have here is the community no-one sees” Social housing tenants warned of ‘play ban’ for children in London site’s shared spaces Background to the Convoys Wharf Development and more

Booking for Voice 4 Deptford’s public meeting in September is open

Voice 4 Deptford is holding a Public Meeting on Wednesday 21st September from 7 to 9 pm at the Armada Community Hall, McMillan Street, Deptford SE8 3EZ. Come along to hear about a new vision for Convoys Wharf as a Centre for Innovation, Education and Research and have your say. In her Deptford is Changing […]

V4D News July 2022

Read the latest developments in the Voice 4 Deptford Campaign. News items include: 7pm 21 Sept’ V4D Open Meeting – Save the Date! V4D’s latest activity Hutchison Property Group Exhibition In fond memory of Richard Katona Play and Landscaping initiatives

V4D June 2022 News

See the latest update: Deptford docks: “There will be no references left of what’s there.” Sending the plan to Li Ka-shing Trinity House and the East India Company in Deptford Meeting with new contacts and wider community Greening Evelyn Convoys Wharf development news: McGee completes Piling Work Support the Grenfell United Campaign


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Deptford docks: “There will be no references left of what’s there” 

Emma Warren has written an article about the Voice 4 Deptford campaign in The Developer. She writes: The Deptford Royal Dockyard has seen off Francis Drake, Captain Cook and Admiral Lord Nelson, but will its history survive the Convoys Wharf redevelopment? The gates to Deptford Docks are wide open. Malcolm Cadman and Marion Briggs from […]

The significant value and benefit of nature-based solutions across urban developments. 

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has launched a new framework to support industry recognise and capture the significant value and benefit of nature-based solutions across urban developments. In February 2022 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s reinforced the urgent need for climate adaptation, highlighting “any further delay in concerted global action will miss […]

£130bn worth of homes left empty in London 

“It has emerged that the value of vacant homes in London equates to over £130bn. London has a total of 87,731 vacant homes, making it the top city in the UK for the prevalence of empty houses. With house prices averaging £1.49m in the capital, the cost of vacant homes is approximately £130.8bn. A recent study by CIA Landlord […]