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A Warm Welcome at Pepys Community Hub

Pepys Community Hub is being supported by the Co-op Warm Spaces Funding Boost to provide a warm space for all when home energy costs are high. You are welcome to go along. They are at Old Library, Foreshore, Deptford SE8 3BA. The Pepys Community Hub Centre hosts a variety of activities often to parts of the community…

November 2022 News

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Austin Maynard Architects develops “ethical housing” in inner-city Melbourne

Austin Maynard Architects has completed Terrace House, a self-funded apartment building in Melbourne which is low-cost, eco-conscious and has enough room for young families. Located on a narrow infill site in Brunswick, Terrace House is a six storey “ethical housing” building containing 20 apartments and three ground-level shop units. The homes are designed to offer qualities…

October 2022 News

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September 2022 News Extra

This news extra has a reminder to book your free ticket to the public meeting and a note from contributor to the meeting Morgan Lewis. He will give an overview of the present plan. Correction: The planning the public meeting is on Monday 19th September at 7pm on Zoom.


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September News

In the news for 11th September: Correction: Join us for planning the public meeting on Monday 19th September at 7pm on Zoom. Contact Malcolm Cadman for joining instructions – email here.

When Trains Ran Down Grove Street 

Originally called the Thames Junction Railway, the Deptford Wharf Branch was a goods-only branch built to a railway-owned wharf on the Thames incorporating the old established Deadman’s Dock. This connected in to the lines to New Cross Gate and the South London Line and its route crossed the Grand Surrey Canal, first on a lifting…

The importance of developing housing that meets the needs of communities

Shamez Alibhai is head of community housing and portfolio manager at Man GPM. In his opinion piece in the IPE RA Magazine from April 2021, he explains the importance of developing housing that meets the needs of communities. He writes “In recent decades, Britain’s housing system has failed to deliver the kind of communities that…