Plot 15 landscaping RMA – have your say

Convoys Property Group have made a Reserved Matters Application to Lewisham Council for the landscaping around Plot 15. You can read the full application here. The deadline for comments and objections has been put back to to 2nd July 2021. So you still have time to give your views to the planners. Send your comments […]

Voice4Deptford Newsletter May 2021

Read the May issue of the Voice 4 Deptford newsletter here. In his issue: Heritage Led Regeneration Planning Process Update Correction: John Evelyn lived in the 17th century, not the 16th as stated in the article. He was still ahead of his time.

Plot 08 Daylight and Sunlight Assessment

The developers at Convoys Wharf have presented a daylight and sunlight assessment for plot 08, one of the plots granted Reserved Matters Consent in June 2020. Although the report states: “The results show that 1343 out of the 1553 assessed rooms (87%) meet or exceed BRE’s recommendations for ADF (daylight), 1114 (72%) achieve NSl (sunlight) levels in […]

Plot 15 Design Changes

The developers, Hutchison Property Group (HPG), at Convoys Wharf have applied for Approval of Reserved Matters in relation to scale and appearance for Plot P15 (Phase 1). Plot 15 is for the construction of a building ranging from four to nine storeys in height with 124 affordable homes, 800 sq. m of office use (Class […]

DNA re-designation application

LEWISHAM COUNCIL’S CONSULTATION ON THE RE-DESIGNATION OF DNA – Deptford’s neighbourhood forum DNA received an email from Christopher Frazer, Lewisham Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Officer on 18th March to say that the Council’s consultation on the Re-designation of the DNA Neighbourhood Forum has gone live on the Council’s website and the short survey asking people if they […]

Revised application for Plot 22 (The Jetty)

Convoys Property Ltd (CPL) made a planning application on 1st March 2021 for Approval of Reserved Matters (layout, scale, appearance, access) for Plot 22 (Phase 1), making modifications to the design for a restaurant on the jetty at Convoys Wharf. There is no mention of use of the building as a marketing suite. They had planned […]

Proposals for an Archeological investigation on Plot 08

 Under the Outline Planning Consent Conditions 34 and 35, the developers are obliged to investigate the archeological remains before construction. They have submitted proposals for an archaeological strip and map exercise, followed by a controlled archaeological sample excavation on Plot 08.  They propose that: “The Plot 08 strip, map and sample excavation will comprise an […]

Have you say on the Deptford Neighbourhood Plan

Deptford Neighbourhood Action (DNA) is asking us (if you haven’t already done so) to support their work by giving them our views on the current Neighbourhood Plan. To aid this they have had a video produced to spread the word about DNA – what their objectives are, why they are doing this work and what […]


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Nearly 1,000 additional residential units proposed for Convoys Wharf

Forty Shillings led a consultation process for Plot 21 in December. They then spoke of an additional 400 to 600 residential units. There was strong pressure from Deptford Folk for this plot to become a green public park and play area. It is also where the Build the Lenox project is to be based.  Now […]

In memory of Richard Katona

Richard Katona has sadly passed away. He was a lovely, sincere, scholarly, quietly spoken and thoughtful man with Deptford running through his veins. I first got to know him when I shipped up at Goldsmiths in 2012. He was an active member of the planning group for a community conference we held. He led one of […]

Plot 12 and Heritage Consultation

Voice 4 Deptford has responded to the consultation by Forty Shillings. They have asked for comments on Plots 12 and 21, Culture Strategy, Heritage and Meanwhile us. You can see their presentations here. Please send in your comments via the website. Voice 4 Deptford Comments on Plot 12 Convoys Wharf Development Layout and design It is over […]