We have almost come to the end of this road…

We have now heard back from LB Lewisham that they want us to pay the full amount of their Costs awarded against us, an amount of £8,000. As you know, our application for a Judicial Review of Lewisham Council’s decision was declined. The judge could not see any legal basis for our claim to go […]

A Model for Convoys Wharf?

We are still waiting for a response from Lewisham Council to the letter we sent regarding the cost order against us. The Judge ordered that we pay £8,000 of the Council’s costs. We do of course recognise the Order of the Court and our requirement to comply with it. The Mayor of London waived his […]

Some Good News

We had a message from the Mayor of London, one of the Interested Parties in our Claim for a Judicial Review, that he will not be claiming the costs awarded to him under the (Costs) Order. However he did draw our attention to the judge’s comment at paragraph 6 of the Order that he was […]

The Judge has decided against our Claim for a Judicial Review

A Judge has given his decision. In a paper exercise, he has ruled against us. His ruling concurs with the arguments of the Defence and Interested Parties, concluding that our Claim should not go to a Judicial Review and it is ‘Totally Without Merit’. This rules out the possibility of making a request for our […]

Statement from Royal Dockyard Society

Thank you to everyone who is backing our campaign for a judicial review to show that the outline planning consent for the Deptford Dockyard, known as Convoys Wharf, is no longer valid. The Naval Dockyards Society (NDS) sent the following statement to V4D on 1st September 2020. It is given here in full and shows […]

Another step forward

Now all three parties – the Defendant, Lewisham Council, and the two Interested Parties, the Mayor of London and the developers – have lodged with the Court their counter arguments to our Claim. The papers will be considered by a judge and he or she will decide whether our claim can go forward for a […]

Our claim for a judicial review is with the court

Action for a Judicial Review of Convoys Wharf Planning Permission We have made our claim for a judicial review to the court. It will take around 6 weeks to be considered and for us to find out if the judge agrees we can go forward to the judicial review. In the meantime we need to […]

Crowd Justice Update

Our thanks to NHS workers – give them homes they can afford As many of you know Sunday 5th July was the 72nd anniversary of the NHS. A nurse earns £25,000 a year. The majority of care workers are on zero hours contracts. One fifth of NHS staff are from the black, Asian and minority […]


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Crowd Justice funding campaign live now

Our Crowd Justice funding campaign was launched this morning and we have already reached more than our initial target. Our campaign is off to a good start. It’s time for the voice of the people of Deptford to be heard. We want to go for a judicial review of the planning consent for Convoys Wharf […]

‘Pitiful’: Frustrated councillors rubber-stamp first Convoys Wharf blocks

From the article: Councillors criticised the low levels of “affordable” housing – Paul Bell, the cabinet member for housing, who also sits in Lewisham’s main planning committee, called it “truly pitiful” and got a dig in at the prime minister’s handling of the coronavirus too, adding: “It is a disgraceful legacy of Boris Johnson, although […]