The Outline Planning Permission (OPP) for Convoys Wharf was finally agreed in March 2015. It formally sets out the basic footprint and style of this development. Some matters were reserved to be applied for at a later stage (Reserved Matters Application or RMA).

  • The OPP aims to deal with planning matters like the mass, scale and type of property.
  • The RMAs look at ‘details’ such as appearance and public space, including children’s play areas.
  • There is a second agreement, signed at the same time, a Section 106 Agreement which introduces matters like roads, schools, health centres, culture and art to the plans and are to be taken into consideration in the build out.
  • There are policy documents such as the National Planning Policy Framework, the London Plan, LB Lewisham’s planning policy and Local Plans which should be taken into account and adhered to.

It is assumed that once set this outline plan cannot be changed. However there are planning mechanisms available to us to challenge the development. These mechanisms lie in the Planning Agreement itself and the Section 106 Agreement. If there is sufficient opposition to it, good will within the authorities involved and all the review mechanisms put in place by the permissions are implemented properly, then we can challenge the Reserved Matters Applications (RMAs) which follow behind the OPP. This is the stage we are now at with Convoys Wharf.

Voice 4 Deptford offers you a process which can provide a better deal for Deptford at this stage by persuading L B Lewisham, Convoys Property Ltd (the developers) and the GLA, to implement these agreements.

You can access the Outline Planning Agreement and Section 106 agreement here. (See the Outline Planning agreement in Schedule 1 of s106.)

In short, although it is said that room for objections to the OPP is limited, it is not nearly as limited as the developers claim in their submissions. We can challenge it through the OPP and the 106 Agreement.