Voice4Deptford has spent many years objecting to the planned development on Convoys Wharf, formerly the Kings Yard and Deptford Docks. The Outline Planning Permission (OPP) is now years out of date. Events have overtaken it. We need to consider the climate emergency, housing crisis, changing lifestyles. Green space and nature and space for children and young people are even more important following the pandemic, not least because of the effects on mental health. All these factors are sadly lack consideration in this scheme.

We have a positive re-visioning of what we believe is possible at Convoys Wharf to make it the world leading development it needs to be.

Our new vision is for Convoys Wharf as a Centre for Innovation, Education and Research. This builds on Deptford’s history and culture through Heritage Led Regeneration. It takes into account the views and suggestions of Deptford people.

Our aim is to offer it to the Hong Kong owners of the site as a more viable and relevant way forward.

This re-visioning builds on the stated charitable objectives of Li Ka-shing, founder of CK Hutchison and head of the Li Ka Shing Foundation in Hong Kong. That is, to support projects that promote social progress through expanding access to quality education and medical services and research, encouraging cultural diversity and community involvement.

Every project and every donation stems from Li Ka Shing’s belief in the inherent value of each human life, regardless of race, class, or circumstance. He has devoted himself to helping others overcome the educational and physical barriers preventing them from achieving their potential.

V4D’s proposal has 3 parts. The Charter, the New Design Framework and an Interactive Atlas.

  1. The Charter for Convoys Wharf as a Centre for Innovation, Education and Research

The Charter sets out the principles behind our new plan.

  • Respect for the history and heritage of Deptford. Inherited from predecessors knowledge, skills ingenuity; passed on over generations; heritage led regeneration.
  • Respect for every person regardless of background, ethnicity, age or sexuality. All people be given equal respect. Young and old live together. Provide opportunities for all.
  • Respect for the environment. The Earth is our home. Manage resources inharmony with nature. Share them equitably.

For real change on Convoys Wharf

2. The New Design Framework for Convoys Wharf

This New Design Framework begins with the OPP and shows how Convoys Wharf can be developed as a Centre for Innovation and Research. The Plan has a future orientated vision and was created by Herta Gatter, town planner and MA student. It begins with the consented masterplan and creates a more dynamic plan which includes less housing, more green space, training and employment, space for children and young people, creatives and academics, all built on Deptford’s history and heritage.

We took everyday experiences as the starting point in the design process. The new design framework gives an opportunity for local people and residents to engage with Deptford’s heritage, so living here or walking through the site itself becomes an engaging learning experience. The design aims to support the creation of well-organised communities.

A new vision for Convoys Wharf relevant for our time.

3. Interactive Atlas

With the help of Jorella Andrews from Goldsmiths, V4D has created an Interactive Atlas showing the multicultural origins of Deptford people, telling your stories through a cherished object. Deptford people sent us an image of an object that represents or that they brought from where they or their family originally came from (including Deptford) with a short description of the object, why they chose it and an indication of where they live or work in Deptford.

Giving the human face of Deptford’s creative and diverse community.