Another step forward

Now all three parties – the Defendant, Lewisham Council, and the two Interested Parties, the Mayor of London and the developers – have lodged with the Court their counter arguments to our Claim. The papers will be considered by a judge and he or she will decide whether our claim can go forward for a Court hearing. 

We are moving towards £15,000 in pledges. Crowd Justice have rolled over our campaign period for another 30 days. Help us to get beyond £15,000 and on towards the £20,000 we need to fund our legal process. 

Support us by:

Thank you to all our backers and supporters.

The following is as true now as it was in 2013 when it was written:

“..let’s stop for a minute before anyone decides that somehow giving local people access to the river by sticking huge residential towers on their doorstep is regeneration, or that somehow or other they will benefit or be grateful. This is pure real estate development, and represents everything that is wrong with our property industry. 

“What Deptford needs is not more high-density housing in an area of existing high density, putting more pressure on existing infrastructure. What’s needed is more open space, freedom to enjoy access to the river, and new employment opportunities that go way beyond construction.” 

Paula Hirst, Head of Regeneration at Mazars, writing as guest columnist in Estates Gazette. Read the whole article on Deptford Is

We want to show that the present planning consent has timed out. We need a new masterplan that is right for Deptford and meets the needs of our changing times.

The image shows a model of the Great Storehouse, originally built in 1513 and added to during the life of the dockyard, survived the second World War, but was demolished in 1990 by Rupert Murdoch’s News International who bought the site from the MoD in 1980. Murdoch also sold off the Master Shipwright’s House, which has since been restored by the private owners.

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