Statement on Convoys Wharf and Plot 21 from Cllr. Paul Bell

I have been made aware of reports that Lewisham Council has been lobbying the Greater London Authority (GLA) for additional homes to be built on Plot 21, a protected wharf within the Convoys Wharf development. These reports are completely inaccurate and do not represent the Council’s position. 

At no point have we lobbied the GLA to put more units on this site. The reports appear to have originated from a community engagement session held by Hutchinson Property Group on Tuesday 1 December in relation to Convoys Wharf. 

On the contrary, we have been consistently clear to the developer that any planning application for Plot 21 would require a strong planning justification. This has yet to be provided. 

We have also made clear to the developer that any plans for Plot 21 should be developed in consultation with the local community and would require a programme of genuine community engagement, as well as being subject to planning pre-application. The developer have yet to provide assurances on this and we will continue to hold them to account along with the local community. 

Cllr Paul Bell

Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning

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