Nearly 1,000 additional residential units proposed for Convoys Wharf

Forty Shillings led a consultation process for Plot 21 in December. They then spoke of an additional 400 to 600 residential units. There was strong pressure from Deptford Folk for this plot to become a green public park and play area. It is also where the Build the Lenox project is to be based. 

Now the developers have submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report, requested by LB Lewisham planners, which includes 986 additional residential units. You can see the Report and the response of Lewisham Council in the form of a Scoping Opinion here .

The Scoping Opinion relates to the redevelopment of Plot 21 or Phase 4 of the Convoys Wharf development site for:

• the construction of new buildings providing up to 76,800 sqm of residential space (use class C3) (up to 986 residential units),

• up to 3,200 sqm of commercial use space (use class E)

• and associated car / cycle parking, ancillary space and landscaping.

It is envisaged that Phase 4 would form the final phase of development on the wider masterplan site.

The highest significance of the archeology on this plot are the archaeological remains of the large Mast Pond, Mast Pond Canal and a small part of the Small Mast Pond, These are connected to the listed river.

A number of concerns have been raised by the organisation consulted on these proposal by LBL, including the risk of flooding raise by the Environment Agency. The strongest comments come from the Port of London Authority (PLA): The PLA strongly objects to the lack of justification or consideration of the plots current ministerial safeguarding and planning permission as a safeguarded wharf here. In line with London Plan policy any proposed alternative development at this plot must first robustly justify why the site no longer viable or capable of being made viable for waterborne freight. As has been noted within scoping opinion with regard to the Lenox project, there are also certain details regarding the site as a safeguarded wharf in the 2015 development as the only use for this plot. Therefore, it is essential that full justification is provided with regard to the areas safeguarded wharf status before any alternative uses are can be considered.

Can LB Lewisham seriously consider granting planning permission for this massive addition of up to 986 residential units, on top of the 3,500 already planned in this potentially over developed site?

The Borough is under pressure to provide more homes for families on the housing waiting at prices affordable to those on lower income. However more units on this site will be an even greater problem for local transport and local services, not to mention the affect it will have on Deptford people. Voice4Deptford would like to see these family homes contained within the existing number of units permitted. Also the Safeguarded Wharf would provide much needed employment.

Voice4Deptford has sent comments on Plot 21 and Plot 12, which is also being consulted on. You can see our comments on the V4D website. Plot 21 here and Plot 12 here.

You can have your say about the proposal by contacting Forty Shillings by the Convoys Wharf website here.

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