Proposals for an Archeological investigation on Plot 08

 Under the Outline Planning Consent Conditions 34 and 35, the developers are obliged to investigate the archeological remains before construction. They have submitted proposals for an archaeological strip and map exercise, followed by a controlled archaeological sample excavation on Plot 08. 

They propose that:

“The Plot 08 strip, map and sample excavation will comprise an area measuring approximately 85m x 70m in the central southern part of the Convoys wharf site (see Fig 1). The stepped investigation area will be machine excavated until the top of the archaeological horizon or natural deposits are exposed. MOLA will then record the exposed archaeology and undertake controlled archaeological excavation to address the research questions. The extent of controlled excavation to be agreed with GLAAS on site following initial strip and map.

The potential archaeological interest on the site is based on the results from the 2013 post-ex assessment report (MOLA 2013) and includes the following:

  • Pre-dock yard features including evidence for prehistoric and Roman activity as found during previously excavations on the site in Area 4 just to the north of Plot 8.
  • Medieval features such as a ditch found during previously excavations on the site in Area 4 just to the north of Plot 4.
  • Features associated with of Deptford Dockyard as shown of historic 

The results of the strip and map exercise will be set out in a post-excavation assessment report to be issued within 12 months of completing the fieldwork. The site archive will be deposited within 12 months of completion of all archaeological work.

The Project Archive will include all materials retained (or the comprehensive record of such materials as referred to above) and all written, drawn and photographic records relating directly to the investigations undertaken. It will be quantified, ordered, indexed and internally consistent before permanent transfer to the Museum of London. Finds and records will be curated and be made available for public consultation in a site archive compatible with other archaeological archives in the Museum of London. Read the full Proposals here.

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