DNA re-designation application


DNA received an email from Christopher Frazer, Lewisham Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Officer on 18th March to say that the Council’s consultation on the Re-designation of the DNA Neighbourhood Forum has gone live on the Council’s website and the short survey asking people if they support our re-designation will run until 6th May 2021:

 Please click on this link to see more information and here for the online survey.

DNA have just completed their consultation (also called Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. So DNA are very close to completing the Neighbourhood Planning process, which is why we need support for our re-designation.

Even if you were one of the 21 people willing to be on DNA’s re-designation application, please can you complete the Council’s survey to show your support.

DNA will be holding our AGM in May once the Local and GLA elections have taken place.

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