Revitalising a historic site

Tersane (Shipyard) Istanbul, located at the coast of Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the biggest shipyards in the Mediterranean Sea. It was actively used during the Ottoman Period for military and civilian purposes but escaped the industrial wipe-out and the accompanying urban plans that transformed the Golden Horn in the 1980s. Despite this, its shipyards – Camialti and Taskizak, remained active until 2001 when they were moved to new industrial sites at the periphery of Istanbul.

The Shipyard will become a centre of attraction for Istanbul with its cinemas, museums and social areas when Istanbul is finished. When it is finished, a work that will suit the history and culture of Istanbul will emerge, with employment opportunities for at least 20 thousand people and the target of 30 million visitors annually. When the project is completed, 83 thousand square meters of registered building will be restored and made available to the public.” Adil Karasiamiloğlu, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure.

Read more here, here and here.

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