Save Lewisham’s Adventure Playgrounds

Lewisham council are consulting until March 11th on the future of the borough’s adventure playgrounds – some of which have sadly been closed for most of the past two years. Others have lost longstanding playworkers and staff who knew local children. After the consultation, they will decide on their play strategy for the Borough. Obviously Local Authorities face massive cuts and difficult decisions over limited land for housing, but these are absolutely vital resources.

There is a real risk our local sites (eg in Deptford/Honor Oak/Ladywell etc) will be lost forever.

It has never been so important that children have safe places to play and be with their friends. Adventure play was born out of the bomb sites of WW2 – adults saw that children loved playing on rubble/ tyres/ taking risks and learning to climb and jump. 

Lewisham has five adventure playgrounds – special spaces designed to help urban children play, jump, climb and socialise supervised by qualified playworkers. These sites are under threat – they have had their hours cut severely and may face closure. 

There is funding that could be made available if Lewisham decides to support our adventure playgrounds and give children and young people a safe but adventurous space to play.

Call on Lewisham Council to invest in adventure playgrounds for the sake of our children’s health and well being. Sign this petition and share with your friends and colleagues. Thank you.

See and follow our Facebook Page. 

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