Let’s get to 100 signatures 

We are just short of 100 signatures. Can we make it beyond 100?

How many signatures do you think will be enough to show the owners of Convoys Wharf that Deptford people are behind this new plan to transform the site and put it on the map as a world leading place of innovation? Some might say there will never be enough to get through to these developers, others that it should be as many as possible.

Either way, let’s make it clear that Deptford people deserve better than an anywhere design. Sign up for the Charter. Share on social media. Tell your friends.

Let’s get the message across.

If you are living in Deptford or nearby to Convoys Wharf in Greenwich, if you work, connect in anyway; If you are concerned about the potential burying of the history and the archeological remains; or are an artist or tech person with an interest in finding a space there, sign the Charter and help us to persuade the owners of the site that something else is possible, meeting the needs of this time.

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