£130bn worth of homes left empty in London 

“It has emerged that the value of vacant homes in London equates to over £130bn.

London has a total of 87,731 vacant homes, making it the top city in the UK for the prevalence of empty houses. With house prices averaging £1.49m in the capital, the cost of vacant homes is approximately £130.8bn.

recent study by CIA Landlord Insurance, which looked at the UK housing crisis and the increasing number of empty homes, analysed the impact that inhabiting vacant homes could have. 

The brownfield land availability in cities has also been analysed to reveal which cities would benefit the most from further development. This is in response to the high demand in properties within the UK as well as house prices being exacerbated due to the number of vacant homes in the UK.” City a.m. 30th May 2022 Read more here.

V4D wants to prevent empty homes at Convoys Wharf when so many families are in need of decent, genuinely affordable housing. Our re-vision now on it’s way to Li Ka-shing and the Li Ka Shing Foundation presents a way of providing them.

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