A Warm Welcome at Pepys Community Hub

Pepys Community Hub is being supported by the Co-op Warm Spaces Funding Boost to provide a warm space for all when home energy costs are high. You are welcome to go along. They are at Old Library, Foreshore, Deptford SE8 3BA.

The Pepys Community Hub Centre hosts a variety of activities often to parts of the community who are ‘hard to reach’ or are ‘socially isolated’ along with new learning and skills workshops for all. The centre comprises of a multi-functional space on 2 levels, ground floor and basement.

They are crowdfunding to enhance their offer of a Warm Welcome to include hot meals and snacks together with a greater range of service provision. With their Food Bank they are already offering a solution to the cost of living crisis. Their aim is reduce the feeling of alienation felt by many from the main supportive services.

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