Voice4Deptford Open Meeting

Join us on Wednesday 17th May at 7pm in the Armada Centre, Deptford to catch up with the latest developments in the Voice4Deptford campaign.

Voice4Deptford is inviting you to the Armada Centre in Deptford to hear more about our campaign to get a better development at Convoys Wharf. The importance and potential of this historic site is being disregarded by the developers. 

Their idea of a development to match the towers of Canary Wharf is totally unsuited to Deptford. The image shows the range of the heights of the buildings in their development plans.

V4D is proposing a re-vision of Convoys Wharf as a Centre for Education, Innovation and Research. Our plan provides housing for the families who struggle to find a place to live, has more regard for the environment and for the history of Deptford and provides training and meaningful employment opportunities.

Tell us what you think about the future of your neighbourhood. Come along and express your views.

Reserve your place here.

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