Freedom of Information request to Lewisham Planning

cropped-aerial-view-of-archaeology.jpgVoice for Deptford stepped up its work to understand more clearly the implications for the proposed Convoys Wharf development, with a request for the Financial Viability Study for the scheme.
Financial Viability Studies provide a clear and full picture of the impact developments can have on a local area and its economy. It makes sense for the public to see it.
Initial correspondence with Lewisham Planning department (see below) by Voice for Deptford, Communications Sue Davies, was met with a refusal as the report was ‘confidential’. We think the report includes essential information, critical in reassuring local residence. It is important and in the public interest that this crucial report is made fully available.
Voice for Deptford wrote to Emma Talbot head of  Lewisham Planning on Monday 11 December requesting the Convoys Wharf Financial Viability Study to be made available under the Freedom of Information Act / Environmental Information Regulation.
We’ll let you know what happens.

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