Convoys Wharf Development: ON HOLD!

phase oneConvoys Wharf development planning process, with applications for Plots 08 and 22 and for change of use for the Secret Cinema, is on hold. The hold up is until the Cultural Steering Group (CSG) is established, resumed and fulfilling the requirements laid down for it in the Section 106 agreement here.

The Cultural Steering Group has now met for a second time and we look forward to hearing the outcome.

Our aim is that local people will be able to have a fruitful dialogue with Convoys Properties Ltd in future, to ensure the site reflects the values, culture and maritime history of the special place which is Deptford.

Voice 4 Deptford has fought hard, with strong support from the community and our elected representatives, for this modest step forward and will continue to fight for social renting housing in every block and phase, safe places for children and young people and sufficient green and open spaces including the river park, loos, swings and benches along the river front.



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