V4D Pop Up Shop! Open 8, 9, 10 May!

The Voice 4 Deptford Pop-Up Shop opens for 3-days only at No. 310, New Cross Road. Working in partnership with the Centre for Community Engagement Research at Goldsmiths University of London, the Pop-Up opens from 12pm till 8.30pm, Wednesday and Thursday and 12pm till 4pm on Friday.  

Image 03-05-2019 at 14.06An ideal opportunity to learn more about proposed plans for Convoys Wharf, the issues, obstacles and how V4D are working together across communities to bring about a change of plan.

Why a Pop Up? We’re concerned about:

  • Virtually no-space for children to play
  • No plans for social housing
  • No recognition of Convoys Wharf amazing heritage in the designs
  • Virtually no consultation with the community – aside from PR!

Voice 4 Deptford are local people, getting organised and responding to this. We are asking for 5 changes to the scheme:

Social rented housing in every block and phase of the development:

  • The 2015 master plan was for 3,500 units – of which only 500 would be affordable homes.
  • We know ‘affordable’ = ‘unaffordable’ for most people on regular incomes.
  • There are thousands of newly built 1 & 2 bedroom properties standing empty, unsold, built by developers when the greatest housing need is for homes for larger families, key workers, the young, the homeless and those in networks of support and heritage.
  • We wants the development on Convoys Wharf to provide social rented housing and truly affordable housing in every block and phase of the whole site – a response to the housing crisis. 

Exceptional architecture and design: 

  • We look for a distinctive building which reflects Deptford, its riverside location and unique maritime heritage.
  • We do not want an ‘anywhere in the world’ set of buildings.

Suitable spaces for children and young people:

  • Against ‘gated communities’ we want all children and young people to have access to space – on both the inside and outside of any building.
  • The interior design and outside landscaping to allow for sufficient play places and to move around in safety.

Buildings, bricks, gardens and walkways which celebrate Deptford’s character and rich history rather than obliterate it:

  • We want brilliant, beautiful design and use of appropriate building materials!

A cultural strategy created by and for local people:

  • We want a cultural strategy that maximises use of Deptford’s cultural talent – and informs the site’s design.
  • This is an opportunity to showcase to the world, Deptford’s exceptional heritage and creative talent.

Pop into our Pop-Up Shop, learn more and get involved!

Join Voice 4 Deptford here.
Download the poster here.

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