PUBLIC STATEMENT – February/March 2019

Hutchison Property Group Ltd recently held a public “exhibition” of their plans for Plot 15.  Convoys Wharf Newsletter FEB19 (download)

COME ON CONVOYS! Stop breaking your promises

Voice 4 Deptford invites Convoys Properties Limited to engage with the local community as it promised to in 2015.

  • Set up the Cultural Steering Group you promised! This would make it easier for you to reflect the site’s great maritime history and the needs, interests and aspirations of the people of Deptford.
  • Establish a Youth Forum as you promised. This will make it possible for the young people of Deptford have a future on your site.
  • Hold the Meanwhile use competition you promised so that the best ideas can be put into practice on the site in the years it will take for your site to be built out. How about that website and the Meanwhile use Co-ordinator you promised as well?

And while you are at it Voice 4 Deptford wants social rented housing in every block and phase on the site, green and sustainable public space with access to the river, and sufficient space for children and young people both inside and outside your tower blocks.

QU01331 Convoys Wharf Newsletter FEB19 4pp A4 v1gCommunity Update - February 2019

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