We have almost come to the end of this road…

We have now heard back from LB Lewisham that they want us to pay the full amount of their Costs awarded against us, an amount of £8,000.

As you know, our application for a Judicial Review of Lewisham Council’s decision was declined. The judge could not see any legal basis for our claim to go ahead. This was sorely disappointing. Our attempt to show the Outline Consent had timed out had not succeeded.

This means that Convoys Properties Ltd can proceed as planned: three high rise towers up to 40 storeys, 3,500 new homes packed into a small plot of land, with only 15% so called affordable, little public or green space or designated play space for children and young people and scant regard of the importance and potential of this historic site.

We were ordered by the Court to pay the Costs of the other side: £8,000 to Lewisham Council and £2,000 to the Mayor London. The Mayor of London waived his costs. We asked Lewisham Council to do the same, at least up to the amount we have raised through your generous support. They have declined so far to do this.

We managed to raise an extraordinary amount through our CrowdJustice Campaign so far. It has paid for our legal fees, the filing of the claim with the court, and most of the Costs Order. But we are still that little bit short.

We now need to raise a further £2,200, plus a bit more to cover CrowdJustice costs, to add to the £5,800 we have in hand and pay off the full amount ordered.

We have rounded up to make our target to raise £2,500 by the end of the month, 31st October.

You can help us to achieve this by making a donation towards this amount. Follow this link: www.crowdjustice.com/case/v4d-action-for-a-judicial-review/

Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please remember to comment when you make your pledge. Let us know what you want for Convoys Wharf.

You can also help by:

  • Asking a friend or colleague to do the same
  • Sharing our request on social media: FacebookTwitter@voice4deptford

We are extremely grateful for your generosity. It has been inspirational to see so many of you commit to helping us bring this claim, and we are sad that the application hasn’t achieved the outcome we had hoped. But we have more plans to work with the Council and the Developers to see them change their development to make it more suitable for our community and the surrounding areas. Your support now will bring closure to the judicial process and help us carry on this important effort.

Your donation at this time would go a huge way to freeing us to take the next step in our campaign for a better, more inclusive development. With your help, we can stop Convoys Wharf becoming the eyesore that it is planned to be. We aren’t giving up the fight. There is more that can be done.

We want a development that provides social rented housing, respects the heritage of the site and the culture of Deptford, and takes fully into account the aspiration and needs of Deptford people.

Image: Artists impression of planned development. Note the size of existing buildings. 

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