A New Phase is beginning

It’s almost the end of the month and we have raised another £459. Thank you everyone who has backed us and also those who have shared on social media. 

LB Lewisham have been in touch to say that they will contact us about the situation of our Cost Order around the middle of November to see how much we have moved towards the full amount of £8,000. Meanwhile we have paid them £5,800 and we have the further £459 thanks to your generous support.

We still have a fair bit to go and will continue our fund raising efforts. You can support us by: 

Convoys Property Ltd have asked a community engagement agency called Forty Shillings to work with the local community around Convoys Wharf.

They are consulting on the next plot to be brought forward, Plot 12. They are also forming a Community Forum and Youth Forum.

Vicky Foxcroft, MP for Lewisham Deptford, is urging constituents, in her latest news item, to take part and to make their views known. 

She concludes by writing the following:

As I have frequently said, it will be very disappointing if this huge development goes ahead without sufficient benefit for the local community through the provision of affordable housing. Earlier plans for the site are in desperate need of a refresh in light of the changing needs of the UK and London. I hope my constituents can take the time to tell CPL and Forty Shillings what it looks like for them.

Voice4Deptford wholeheartedly agrees with her and we will be making our views known. We ask you to please take this opportunity and do the same.

You can register here: convoys-wharf.com/community-engagement/

The development is entering a new phase and Voice4Deptford will be putting our demands for a fair and inclusive development that :

  • Includes social rented housing
  • Provides well designed, ecologically sound buildings
  • Is child friendly 
  • Has respect for the heritage and history of the site
  • Has more green and public space

Thank you for your continuing support. 

The image shows the site of Plot 12 now being consulted on by Forty Shillings

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