Our Crowd Justice campaign is drawing to a close

Our legal process is coming to a close, but our campaign to give the people of Deptford a voice in the development at Convoys Wharf continues.

Although the result of our claim for a judicial review is disappointing, Voice4Deptford has learned a lot from the experience. Your generous support has been heartening. It has been encouraging to read your comments and to know that you feel as strongly as we do that a better development accessible to all is necessary for the Deptford  Dockyard.

Our Crowd Justice page will remain open for donations until 26 November, 2020. We have not quite reached our target. The Court ordered us to pay £8,000 towards the costs of LB Lewisham. We’ve raised £6,500 of that and £1,500 is still needed. You can help us to meet the shortfall in the next week. 

The ways you can help are by:

The Mayor of Lewisham has pointed out that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic the Council is facing significant pressure in terms of finances and resources and are focussing on maintaining critical services. They are looking to recoup their legal costs of £14,000. Whatever anyone might think about them spending that amount of money challenging our claim in the first place, it is a valid point that the financial pressure is great.

So supporting us to find the funds we need will also ease some of this pressure, however small in the scheme of things it might be.

Meanwhile, Forty Shillings is carrying out a community consultation on behalf of the developers. Please get involved and make your views known. Here is their website: convoys-wharf.com/community-engagement/. You can hear about Plot 12 here: convoys-wharf.com/plot-12/#plot-12

If you would like to keep in touch with Voice4Deptford and hear about the next stages of our campaign, send us you email address at deptfordvoice@gmail.com. Or register via our website: https://voice4deptford.org/contact-us-get-involved/ 

Thank you once more for your past and we hope ongoing support.

Image: Entrance to Convoys Wharf

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