Plot 15 landscape consultation

Today is the deadline for getting comments and objections to Lewisham Planning Department regarding approval of Reserved Matters (landscaping) for Plot P15 (Phase 1). There’s just time to send comments to:

David Robinson, London Borough of Lewisham, 4th Floor, Laurence House, London, SE6 4RU. Email: Quote reference DC/21/121852  

V4D commented on: Children and Young People’s Informal Play and Recreation; Connection with River; Carbon Footprint

V4D wrote in our conclusion:

Children in England are some of the unhappiest children in the world. They are being denied the space they need, both physically and emotional, to grow up in a healthy environment. Play is essential for children and young people’s development and wellbeing. Denying them the play which is their right under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is totally unacceptable. The present plans are an abuse of children and their rights. 

The new London Plan highlights even more that this scheme for Convoys Wharf has been overtaken by events. It is time this developer woke up to this fact and took action to put something more relevant to the present needs into place. It can only be in their interest to do this.

The new Lewisham Local Plan, in draft, and the new Deptford Neighbourhood Plan, in draft, show that there is a way to achieve better outcomes for all.

Voice4Deptford is now calling on LB Lewisham to –

  1. Reject these landscape proposals, to demand from the developer that they publish their landscape plans for the whole site and demonstrate how they are meeting the requirements of the new London Pl2an.
  2. Instigate a wholesale review of the present plan for Convoys Wharf. The Outline Planning Consent is no longer relevant and can only result in losses in the short and longer terms. It should be made clear to the developer that a fundamental change is now necessary. It is in their power to make this change.

You can read the full comments and objections here.

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